Elevation control

A control used to construct cards and flyout menus.

Elevation control.


Elevation is used to draw focus to an experience and add a physical materiality to the app. Shallow levels are reserved for items that are closely connected to the canvas or view, such as tiles. Deeper levels create a prominent frame around the surface, drawing strong focus to self-contained experiences like dialogs. Supports mouse hover events.

Go to Fluent UI Elevation style page for best practices.


Key properties

Property Description
Depth The depth of the shadow.
HoverDepth The depth of the shadow that appears on hover.

Style properties

Property Description
FillColor The background color of the Elevation control.
HoverFillColor The background color of the Elevation control that appears on hover.
PaddingLeft Left edge gap between card and control boundary
PaddingRight Right edge gap between card and control boundary
PaddingTop Top edge gap between card and control boundary
PaddingBottom Bottom edge gap between card and control boundary
DarkOverlay When enabled, displays a dark overlay effect in the padded area.

Formatting content over Elevation with layout containers

  1. Add a Container control to the screen (not Horizontal container or Vertical container).

  2. Add an Elevation component in the container

  3. Set Elevation properties to fit it's parent Container:

    Property Value
    X 0
    Y 0
    Width Parent.Width
    Height Parent.Height
  4. Set PaddingRight, PaddingTop and PaddingBottom properties to reference Self.PaddingLeft

  5. Choose desired Depth and adjust the value of PaddingLeft to provide enough gap for the shadow not to get cut off.

  6. Insert a Vertical container into the same parent Container. This is used to host the content of the card.

  7. Set the Vertical container properties to visually align to the Elevation component's edges:

    Property Value
    X Elevation.PaddingLeft
    Y Elevation.PaddingLeft
    Width Parent.Width - Elevation.PaddingLeft * 2
    Height Parent.Height - Elevation.PaddingLeft * 2
  8. Add contents into the Vertical container to populate the card.

Elevation example.


This code component can only be used in canvas apps and custom pages.