Icon control

A control used to display Fluent UI icons.

Icon control.


This control renders Fluent UI icons based on the name. You can use it to easily create an icon button and action button with custom styling.

For a list of icons, go to Fluent UI icons.

Key properties

Property Description
ItemIconName The Fluent UI icon to use (see Fluent UI Icons)
IconType Renders the icon as types Action button, Icon button, or Icon only
IconSize The size of the icon (pixels)
Text Text displayed (works for type Action button)
TextAlignment Position of the text (works for types Action button and Icon only)
Tooltip Text displayed in a tooltip when the user hovers over the icon.

Additional properties

Property Description
FontSize Size of the font (works for type Action button)
IconColor Color of the icon
HoverIconColor Color of the icon that appears on hover
FontColor Color of the font
HoverFontColor Color of the font that appears on hover
FillColor Color of the background fill of the icon (works for types Action button and Icon button)
HoverFillColor Color of the fill that appears on hover (works for types Action button and Icon button)
BorderColor Color of the border of the icon (works for types Action button and Icon button)
HoverBorderColor The color of the border that appears on hover
BorderRadius Roundness of the corners (works for types Action button and Icon button)
Theme Accepts a JSON string that is generated using Fluent UI Theme Designer (windows.net). Leaving this blank will use the default theme defined by Power Apps. See theming for guidance on how to configure.
AccessibilityLabel Screen reader aria-label
InputEvent An event to send to the control.



This code component can only be used in canvas apps and custom pages.