Picker control

A control used to provide a search experience.


Full documentation and source code found in the GitHub code components repository.

Picker control.


Pickers are used to select one or more items, such as tags or files, from a large list.

Picker code components allow the Fluent UI picker menu components to be used from inside canvas apps and custom pages.

The Tag Picker code component provides the following features:

  1. Binds to an input collection for the chosen tags.
  2. Binds to an input collection for suggested tags.
  3. Allows users to select from suggestions or enter a free-text tag.
  4. Raises an On Change event when a user adds or removes a tag.
  5. Allows programmatic Set Focus.


The Tag Picker has the following input datasets, which are described in detail in Key properties later in this article.

  • Tags
    • TagsDisplayName
  • Suggestions
    • SuggestionsDisplayName
    • SuggestionSubDisplayName

The Suggestions dataset should be filtered by using the SearchTerm output property, for example:



Key properties

Property Description
Items A collection (table) of tags. The app is responsible for adding or removing tags in response to the component's raising Add or Remove events (described in the following OnChange event section).
Suggestions_Items A collection (table) of suggestions.
TagMaxWidth The maximum width of the tags when rendering. Overflow text will be truncated with ellipsis's and a hover tooltip shows the full text.
AllowFreeText When typing a value, do not automatically select the first suggestion so that a free text entry can be provided rather than selecting from a pre-defined list.
SearchTermToShortMessage The message to display when the Search Term is less than the MinimumSearchTermLength.
HintText The message to display inside the Picker when no search term is provided.
NoSuggestionsFoundMessage The message to display when the Suggestions collection contains no results.
MinimumSearchTermLength The minimum number of character to trigger the suggestions flyout.
MaxTags The maximum number of tags that can be added. After this number, the Tag Picker will be re-only until a tag is removed.
Error True when the red error border should be displayed.

Items properties

Property Description
TagsDisplayName Set to the name of the column that holds the tag display name.

Suggestions properties

Property Description
SuggestionsDisplayName set to the name of the column that holds the suggestion display name.
SuggestionsSubDisplayName (Optional) set to the name of the column that holds the secondary line of text.

Style properties

Property Description
Theme Accepts a JSON string that is generated using Fluent UI Theme Designer (windows.net). Leaving this blank will use the default theme defined by Power Apps. See theming for guidance on how to configure.
FontSize the font size of the tags shown inside the Picker.
BorderRadius the border radius of the tags shown inside the Picker.
ItemHeight the height of the tags (pixels) shown inside the Picker.
AccessibilityLabel Screen reader aria-label

Event properties

Property Description
Input Event Set to the event to sent to the TagPicker

Output properties

Property Description
SearchTerm The text entered into the Tag Picker that can be used for filtering the suggestions dataset.
TagsDisplayName the text that is used to create a new Tag when the On Change event is fired
AutoHeight When the tag picker wraps onto multiple lines, the Auto Height property can be used to control the height of a responsive container height.


Supports SetFocus as an InputEvent.

OnChange event

The TagPickercomponent raises an OnChange event when tags are added or removed. The properties used are:

Property Description
TagEvent The name of the event raised
TagKey The key of the item that has raised the event (if the event is related to a tag)

The event should contain an expression similar to:

If( TagPicker.TagEvent = "Add" && CountRows(Filter(colTags,name=TagPicker.TagsDisplayName)) = 0,
    Collect( colTags, { name:TagPicker.TagsDisplayName })

If( TagPicker.TagEvent="Remove",
 RemoveIf( colTags,name=Text(TagPicker.TagsDisplayName) )


This code component can only be used in canvas apps and custom pages.