Reset function

Applies to: Canvas apps Model-driven apps

Resets a control to its default value, discarding any user changes.


The Reset function resets a control to its Default property value. Any user changes are discarded.

You cannot reset controls that are within a Gallery or Edit form control from outside those controls. You can reset controls from formulas on controls within the same gallery or form. You can also reset all the controls within a form with the ResetForm function.

Using the Reset function is an alternative to toggling the Reset property of input controls and is generally preferred. The Reset property may be a better choice if many controls need to be reset together from multiple formulas. Toggling the Reset property can be done from a Button control with the formula Reset = Button.Pressed or from a variable with Reset = MyVar and toggling MyVar with the formula Button.OnSelect = Set( MyVar, true ); Set( MyVar, false ).

Input controls are also reset when their Default property changes.

Reset has no return value, and you can use it only in behavior formulas.


Reset( Control )

  • Control – Required. The control to reset.


  1. Insert a Text input control on a screen. By default, its name will be TextInput1 and its Default property will be set to "Text input".
  2. Type a new value in the text box.
  3. Insert a Button control on the screen.
  4. Set the button's OnSelect property to Reset( TextInput1 ).
  5. Select the button. This can be done even when authoring by selecting toward the ends of the control.
  6. The contents of the text box will return to the value of the Default property.