SetProperty function

Applies to: Canvas apps Model-driven apps

The SetProperty function simulates interactions with input controls as if the user had entered or set a value on the control. This function is only available if you are writing tests in the Power Apps Test Studio. The following properties can be set using the SetProperty function.


Assert function is only available for Test Studio in Power Apps.


SetProperty(Control Property, value)

  • Control Property – Required. The control property to set on behalf of the user.
  • Value – Required. The value of the property to set on behalf of the user.


Control Property Example expression
TextInput Text SetProperty(TextInput1.Text, "Sample text")
RichTextEditor HtmlText SetProperty(RichTextEditor1.HtmlText, "<p>Sample text</p>")
Toggle Value SetProperty(Toggle1.Value, false)
Checkbox Value SetProperty(Checkbox1.Value, false)
Slider Value SetProperty(Slider1.Value, 10)
Rating Value SetProperty(Rating1.Value, 5)
DatePicker SelectedDate SetProperty(DatePicker1.SelectedDate, Date(2020,3,10))
Radio Selected SetProperty(Radio1.Selected, "Yes")
Radio SelectedText SetProperty(Radio1.SelectedText, "Yes")
Dropdown Selected SetProperty(Dropdown1.Selected, {Value:"Sample value"})
Dropdown SelectedText SetProperty(Dropdown1.SelectedText, {Value:"Sample value"})
Combobox Selected SetProperty(Dropdown1.Selected, {Value:"Sample value"})
Combobox SelectedItems SetProperty(ComboBox1.SelectedItems, Table({Value:"Sample value"},({Value:"Sample value"}))
ListBox Selected SetProperty(Listbox1.Selected, {'Value':"Sample value"})
ListBox SelectedItems SetProperty(Listbox1.SelectedItems, Table({Value:"Sample value"},({Value:"Sample value"}))

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