Trace function in Power Apps Test Studio

When used with Test Studio, Trace is an optional expression that can be used to provide additional information in your test results from the OnTestCaseComplete event. Trace event messages, as well as any messages for both passed and failed assertions, are contained in a Traces table in the TestCaseResult record. The Traces table has two properties, Message and Timestamp.

Trace messages can also be defined in your app. These can be viewed in the Power Apps Monitor tool along with other app activities, to help in debugging or identifying issues with real-time diagnostic information for your app. If you have allowed your app to send telemetry data to Azure Application Insights, the Trace function can also be used to send custom event or diagnostic information to your Application Insights resource. You can inspect this data in Application Insights to help diagnose problems or understand usage of your apps and features. Trace information used in Tests will also be recorded in Application Insights. Test trace information will not be available in the Monitor tool as the Monitor is connected to the app when it is played from the Canvas studio.


Trace(message, trace_severity, custom_record )

  • Message – Required. The information to be traced. In tests, this creates a record in the Traces table in the TestCaseResult record.
  • Trace_severity - Optional. The severity level of the Trace recorded in Application Insights. Options are TraceSeverity.Information, TraceSeverity.Warning or TraceSeverity.Error.
  • custom_record - Optional. A record containing custom data that will be recorded in Application Insights.

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