Export Dataverse data in Parquet format


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Business value

This feature enables users to query and analyze Microsoft Dataverse data efficiently with Parquet.

Feature details

Delta Lake is an open source, widely used data format that is built off the Parquet data format. Parquet was designed for efficient storage and high performance, especially for large datasets. It utilizes columnar data storage as opposed to a row-based format like CSV. Parquet uses a specific compression technique for each column based on the data type. It is immutable, meaning that historical data is readily accessible and provides flexibility with a wide variety of supported encoding types.

Delta Lake provides all the benefits of the Parquet format in addition to guaranteed ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) transactions and time travel (data versioning). The ability to undo a change or go back to a previous version is one of the key features of transactions. Delta Lake provides snapshots of data, enabling you to revert to earlier versions of data for audits, rollbacks, or to reproduce experiments.

With Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse, you can now efficiently store and query your Dataverse data in Azure Synapse Analytics with the Delta Lake format. This helps citizen developers and data engineers alike quickly query and analyze their Dataverse data, especially for large datasets.

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