Send unique report per recipient with paginated report email subscriptions


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Users, automatically Sep 30, 2023 -

Business value

You can now burst out paginated report email subscriptions so that each recipient receives a unique copy of the report. For all your paginated reports that use parameters to filter data, you can now specify which parameter(s) should be applied for each recipient of an email subscription.

Feature details

Paginated report parameters allow you to filter the data displayed in the report. Previously, all recipients of an email subscription received a copy of the report with the same parameter or set of parameters applied.

With this feature, you can define a mapping between recipients and single or multiple parameters right in Power BI! For example, you may have a report with a geography parameter that your sales team uses to view customers in specific regions. You can now send out this report to your sales reps, with each individual receiving a copy of the report containing only customers in their region.

This mapping between recipients and parameters is stored in Power BI, allowing you to make updates if needed.

Screenshot of table with recipient email addresses and paginated report parameters

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