Generate useful deployment notes with AI in pipelines

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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jul 31, 2023 - Oct 22, 2023

Business value

Solutions can become complex, often containing dozens of components that are difficult to partition and summarize. In the case of pipeline deployments, admins and deployment approvers must open solutions themselves to gain an understanding of what’s included, unless that information is provided in the deployment notes.

This feature helps makers generate useful solution descriptions with AI, automatically, during their deployment. A simple click prevents intervention from an admin who needs to understand the purpose of a deployment to approve it and properly manage it.

Feature details

Makers can use the AI-generated solution overview in their deployment notes. Copilot automatically generate them in the Deployment notes field on the final Summary page of the deployment.

Makers have the option to Stop generating the notes during generation. They can also edit or clear them after they're generated. If cleared, the AI notes can be brought back by selecting the Create notes using AI option.

View of new Deployment notes section and Stop generating option.

Zoomed in view of the AI-suggested solution overview.

Pipeline stage deployment with AI suggested solution overview.

Geographic areas

This feature will be released into the following Microsoft Azure geographic area:

  • United States