Users and admins can see descriptions in app lists

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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Oct 30, 2023 - -

Business value

This feature will help administrators manage a large number of resources within their organizations. They no longer have to spend time opening each app to understand its functionality. Instead, they can quickly get an overview of all their apps in one place. There's no need for users to guess what an app does based on the app name or launch the app to confirm it's the one they're looking for. Now, with descriptions, users can easily know what an app does.

Feature details

Makers and admins can now view their apps in a card format in Power Apps. In managed environments within the US region, apps that don't have a description will have one automatically generated with the help of AI. These descriptions, both AI-generated and set by the maker, will now be visible in the card view, helping end-users find their apps.