Use source code for canvas apps as human readable YAML files


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Business value

Developers can now view the underlying code to understand app functionality. With this perspective, developers can improve the generative canvas app models.

Feature details

Today, you can export a canvas app as a binary file with the extension .msapp. You can use Power Platform CLI to convert a .msapp file into source code files.

With this feature, you no longer need to use the Power Platform CLI to convert the .msapp files. You can view the source code for the canvas app in an updated, human readable YAML format. Each screen has a separate file.

You will be able to:

  • Copy controls from Power Apps Studio as YAML code.
  • Paste YAML code to Power Apps Studio to create controls.
  • View the YAML code within Power Apps Studio.
  • Create templates for screens and reuse code.
  • Store the files in a code repository.
  • Automate generation of a canvas app.
  • Refactor canvas apps without using the designer