Cloud flows are automatically defined in Dataverse solutions


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Mar 21, 2023 - Jun 2024

Business value

Cloud flows defined in Dataverse solutions simplify administration and application lifecycle for customers by allowing use of concepts like environment variables, connection references, solutions, and more. These also help deliver delightful maker experiences like drafts and publishing, versioning, and more.

Feature details

Many benefits are available when cloud flows are added to Dataverse solutions, including the ability to use features like environment variable and solutions. This simplifies the deployment process between environments, for example for development, test, and production. Solutions also make it easier to organize and manage a large number of flows by providing a natural grouping. Having flows defined in Dataverse also unlocks new functionality like support for drafts and versioning.

Currently, makers create non-solution cloud flows by default that aren't stored in Dataverse. With this change, cloud flows are stored in Dataverse by default. We'll provide an ability to migrate flows outside solutions to solutions, to simplify the administration process, and unlock new maker experiences.

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