Self-heal UI and browser automation actions at execution with AI


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Jun 2024 - Sep 2024

Business value

This feature is for Power Automate for desktop users that automate UI and web interaction scenarios. It improves success rates and handles cases where UI elements can't be found.

Feature details

Once enabled by users, the feature uses AI to locate elements in the screen at the execution time. The repaired selector is used in future executions. Plus, it's optional and can be disabled if you prefer.

  • Self-healing refers to the case that a UI element cannot be found at the execution time.
  • Self-healing can be applied only for UI and web automation scenarios, and subsequently for Desktop and web UI elements.
  • With self-healing, Power Automate for desktop can locate a UI element in the screen.
  • When UI element and its selector are retrieved, a confirmation is required by the user in order the flow to be healed and saved.
  • This feature can be disabled by the user.