Use Copilot in automation center to analyze desktop flow runs


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically May 21, 2024 - Dec 2024

Business value

Maximize efficiency and focus on high-impact desktop flow automation with Copilot's insightful analysis of desktop flow run history.

Feature details

The automation center is available in the Power Automate portal and offers a comprehensive automation monitoring experience infused with the power of AI. Copilot in automation center provides a multi-skill experience enabling users to ask questions about cloud flow and desktop flow activity, work queues, and even features of Power Automate.

Copilot is able to answer desktop flow run history questions like:

  • Which flows ran the most last week?
  • What were yesterday’s top five flows by number of completed runs?
  • What is the distribution of flow run statuses?

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