Turn sharing off for solution-aware cloud flows


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jun 2024 Aug 2024

Business value

Sharing limits is a new type of guardrail only available in Managed Environments. This feature lets admins turn off sharing so that a maker can't make an individual or security group a co-owner on a flow. This feature can be applied at the Managed Environment-level, in addition to being applied as a rule to an environment group.

Feature details

This feature allows administrators to turn sharing on or off for solution-aware cloud flows.

  • When sharing is turned off, this means that a maker can't share a solution-aware cloud flow with any group or individual.
  • When sharing is turned on, this means that the maker can share their solution-aware cloud flow with any individual or group. There are no limits to how they can share.

This feature can be configured at the Managed Environment-level and at the environment group level.