Power Pages version 9.5.8.x Release Notes

Power Pages version 9.5.8.x is now available. This article describes the bug fixes and updates that are included in this release.

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues that are resolved/updated in this update.


  • Lookup Control:: Aria name of the checkbox in lookup modal dialog is not descriptive. This aria name is updated to be more descriptive to identify each row uniquely.


  • Custom Errors are by default off for Private Sites.
  • Radio Button Code Component:: Issue related to Radio Button Code component throwing error when added on form is fixed by ensuring compatibility with Fluent 9.4 library.
  • Button alignment issue fixed in edit case page of community portal
  • Code Components:: Issue related to browser caching of static files is fixed.
  • PCF Library is updated to 1.6.1167

This release also contains performance updates, security fixes, and improves overall reliability of Power Pages.