Power Automate for desktop - Build 2204.4

This article describes the new features, improvements and fixes to existing functionality that are included in this build.

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Version updates

New Features

  • The action ‘Click link on web page’ is enhanced with an extra parameter, called ‘Click type’. The new parameter is a dropdown list with the following click options:   

    • Left click 
    • Right click 
    • Double click 
    • Left button down 
    • Left button up 
    • Right button down 
    • Right button up 
    • Middle click 

    The user may set the click type manually, while editing the action in the designer. Apart from the left click option, it is recommended to enable the ‘Send physical click’ parameter for the rest of the click options. 

  • Users can now set a timeout when enabling the option ‘Wait for page to load’ in web actions. The parameter name is ‘Timeout on webpage load’, and it's always visible when ‘Wait for page to load’ is enabled with a default value of 60 seconds. When the ‘Wait for page to load’ parameter is disabled, then the timeout parameter is hidden.

    The affected actions are the following:

    • Launch new Internet Explorer
    • Launch new Firefox
    • Launch new Chrome
    • Launch new Microsoft Edge
    • Create new tab
    • Go to web page
    • Click link on web page
    • Focus text field on web page
    • Populate text Field on web page
    • Set check box state on web page
    • Select radio button on web page
    • Set drop-down list value on web page
    • Press button on web page
  • A new parameter is added in the action ‘Extract text from PDF’ action, under the PDF group of actions. The parameter name is ‘Optimize for structured data’ and when enabled, the action detects the formatted layout in the document and extracts text accordingly, keeping the structure of the data.

  • If the signed in user has limited permissions, then some options in the Power Automate for desktop console are not available. An admin can limit user access by reducing the user’s permissions in the Process Dataverse table, configuring their respective role accordingly in the Power Platform Admin Center.

Enhancements & Improvements

  • Actions that are not associated with UI elements or images now carry over only their own code when being copied, without any reference to the UI elements or images repository.

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues in Power Automate for desktop that are now resolved:

  • The rules in the error handling screen can now be manipulated as line items, fixing the respective accessibility issue and restoring the Del shortcut functionality.

  • An issue was fixed on the value representation of a list output variable in the variables pane, which was not appearing correctly after marking any other variable as sensitive.

  • The action ‘Merge PDF files’ now works consistently as expected, independently of the number of files to be merged.

  • The action ‘If window’ now does not throw an error, when the condition if a window is open via its instance/handle is checked.

  • An issue was fixed with the recorder, which was sometimes not responding when recording a web flow in Internet Explorer and navigating to a different page.

  • The recorder now does not capture actions in the background, while the popup dialog, informing about not accessing UI elements due to elevated rights, is open.

  • An issue was fixed in SAP GUI 770, which now enables extracting data from grid results via the recorder or the ‘Extract data’ action.

  • A few issues including table data capturing on Java automation have been fixed.

  • The recorder now produces as expected the action ‘Wait for window content’ for certain objects in the Java app ‘SwingSet2’.

  • The recorder now properly creates the action ‘Populate text field on web page’, when working with Bing on Internet Explorer.

  • The UI element picker can now access properly PowerPoint slides, as done by the recorder.

Other Announcements

  • The ‘Display custom form’ action has now become generally available for all users.

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