Power Automate for desktop - Build 2304

This article describes the new features, improvements and fixes to existing functionality that are included in this build.

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Installer version - Microsoft Store version 10.0.6277.0 updates

New Features

  • Users can now test and validate the selectors of UI elements through the selectors screen, to make sure the specified selector is valid and functional, without having to run the flow. The respective element should be available on the screen for the testing to be successful.

  • Cross-domain iframe web elements can now be properly accessed in browser automation scenarios, providing visibility over the individual elements they contain in a web page.

  • Hotkey triggers are now available for desktop flows, so that they can start running in local attended mode with the specified key combination shortcut. A keyboard shortcut can now also be set to pause/resume a running flow.

  • In the flow designer, runtime errors in actions belonging to the Excel module are now more actionable, including some remediation steps to help resolve the respective issues. The corresponding error dialog has also been redesigned for all the actions’ runtime errors.

Enhancements & Improvements

  • When users submit a request to their admin through Power Automate for desktop, to buy or renew a license for attended RPA via the license request form, they can now optionally include additional people, to request the same access on their behalf as well.

  • After signing out from the console, the last used email address is now prepopulated in the respective text field.

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues in Power Automate for desktop that are now resolved:

  • Setting the ‘Allow customizations’ option to Off for a desktop flow contained in an unmanaged solution now does not prevent the user from editing it, as this setting is only applicable to managed solutions.

  • Non-admin Windows users can now properly update Power Automate for desktop while checking for updates in the console, after providing admin credentials when prompted.

  • After navigating to the examples tab and selecting a category:

    • Switching to another environment in the console now does not hide the examples list.
    • Editing an example, saving as a new flow and closing the designer now also does not hide the examples list.
    • Selecting or tabbing into an example and pressing Enter now properly opens the flow designer.
  • Signing into Power Automate for desktop with a user account that has Run-only access rights now properly shows the corresponding banner message about the insufficient permissions.

  • An error that occurred when clicking on the ‘Run’ option of example flows, in an environment where the user doesn’t have the permission to create new flows, has now been resolved.

  • When opening the custom text editor of a selector, pressing Ctrl + Z without taking any other action now does not mistakenly erase the selector.

  • When a running flow is paused during debugging:

    • The ‘Get started’ option under ‘Help’ in the designer is now disabled.
    • The hotkey F2 to rename an element in the UI elements pane is now not functional as expected.
  • An issue with keyword searches not working properly in the errors list, after applying some filter options, has now been resolved.

  • When saving a new flow through the confirmation dialog, which comes up after selecting ‘File’ > ‘Exit’ in the flow designer, the unexpected error that sometimes occurred and made the flow not visible in the flows list until manually refreshing is now resolved.

  • Characters belonging to the GB18030 standard are now displayed correctly in the application.

  • During recording, when users have two monitors with different DPI, trying to record a combo box item or a menu item now leaves the combo box or menu open as expected, in order to choose an item.

  • OCR-based mouse actions, and web automation actions sending physical clicks, now work properly on Windows Server 2019 machines that use more than 100% scaling.

  • The performance while retracting menu items has now been improved.

Other announcements

  • The SharePoint connector actions have now become generally available for all users.

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