Customize the SAP Procurement solutions

The SAP Procurement template's solutions are published as managed so that we can continue to provide new and updated capabilities. This means you won't be able to edit components directly within the actual imported solution files. However, your local configurations will be layered on top of the managed capabilities.

As a best practice, create a new unmanaged solution in the same development environment where the imported SAP Procurement template's managed solutions reside. Here, you'll add the components that support the process and capabilities that you plan to deploy. Once you've added the necessary components to your new unmanaged solution, you can begin to customize to meet your additional requirements.


  • Avoid getting your local customizations overwritten if you choose to upgrade the SAP Procurement solution templates.
  • Reserve upgrades for consuming only new or uncustomized components. Prohibit getting upgrades on existing components that you have already customized.

Get started working with solutions

  1. Install the SAP Procurement managed solutions into your development sandbox environment.
  2. Create a new unmanaged solution.
  3. Select Add existing to add one or more components, such as a canvas app or cloud flow from the SAP Procurement solution template into your newly created unmanaged solution.
  4. As you begin to extend the components, solution layers are created against those components, which you can see underneath Advanced > See solution layers when selecting a solution component.

Solution concepts

Solution layers

Use a solution to customize

Overview of tools and apps used for ALM

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