Delta Sharing


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Item Description
Release State General Availability
Products Power BI (Semantic models)
Power BI (Dataflows)
Fabric (Dataflow Gen2)
Authentication Types Supported Key (Bearer Token)


If you use Power BI Desktop you need to install the November release of Power BI Desktop or later. Download the latest version.

The data provider sends an activation URL from which you can download a credentials file that grants you access to the shared data.

After downloading the credentials file, open it with a text editor to retrieve the endpoint URL and the token.

For detailed information about Delta Sharing, visit Access data shared with you using Delta Sharing.

Capabilities supported

  • Import

Connect to Databricks Delta Sharing in Power BI Desktop

To connect to Databricks using the Delta Sharing connector, use the following steps:

  1. Open Power BI Desktop.

  2. Navigate to the Get Data menu and search for Delta Sharing.

  3. Select the connector and then select Connect.

  4. Enter the endpoint URL retrieved from the credentials file in the Delta Sharing Server URL field.

  5. Optionally, in the Advanced Options tab you can set a Row Limit for the maximum number of rows you can download. This is set to 1 million rows by default.

  6. Select OK.

  7. In the Authentication dialog box, enter the token retrieved from the credentials file in the Bearer Token field.

  8. Select Connect.

Limitations and considerations

This section describes any limitations or considerations of the Delta Sharing connector.

You need to make sure that the data loaded with the Delta Sharing connector fits in the memory of your machine. To ensure this, the connector limits the number of imported rows to the Row Limit set by the user.