Microsoft Exchange


Item Description
Release State General Availability
Products Excel
Power BI (Semantic models)
Analysis Services
Authentication Types Supported Exchange account
Microsoft account
Function Reference Documentation Exchange.Contents


The Power Query Microsoft Exchange connector doesn't support scheduled refresh of on-premises data sources in Power BI semantic models or Excel.

Capabilities Supported

  • Import

Connect to Microsoft Exchange from Power Query Desktop

Power Query Desktop includes Excel, Power BI (semantic models), and Analysis Services as experiences.

To make the connection to Microsoft Exchange, follow these steps:

  1. From Get Data, select the Other category, select Microsoft Exchange, and then select Connect. More information: Where to get data

    Screenshot of the Get Data dialog, showing Microsoft Exchange selected.

  2. In the Microsoft Exchange window that appears, enter the mailbox address for the account you would like to access.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Exchange dialog, showing a mailbox address added with the format

  3. Select OK.

  4. Choose either Exchange account sign in and provide your credentials, or Microsoft account and sign in.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Exchange dialog, showing a mailbox account and password entered.

    You can also use a User Principal Name (UPN). It looks similar to an email address. Typical format is user@domain_name.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Exchange dialog.

  5. In Navigator, select the data to import and use in your application. Then select either Load to load the table, or Transform Data to open the Power Query Editor where you can filter and refine the set of data you want to use, and then load that refined set of data.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Exchange navigator, showing calendar and mail selected.