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Item Description
Release State General Availability
Products Power BI (Datasets)
Power BI (Dataflows)
Authentication types SumTotal credentials using OAuth 2.0


You must have a SumTotal hosted environment with standard permissions to access the portal, and read permissions to access data in tables.

Capabilities supported

  • Import
  • Query Multiple OData endpoints
  • Advanced
    • Optionally filter records by RowVersionId parameter to get incremental data

Finding your SumTotal hosted URL

Copy the SumTotal hosted root URL in full. This root URL is the unique URL specific to your instance. The URL will be in the format of https://<*yourcustomerdomain*> Make sure not to copy the rest of the URL. Keep this URL somewhere handy so you can use it later.

Connect to SumTotal BI from Power BI Desktop


The Power Query SumTotal connector is currently only suited towards OData API endpoints. For more information, go to SumTotal's OData API functionality.

To connect to SumTotal from Power BI Desktop:

  1. Select Get data from the Home tab.

  2. In the Get Data dialog box, select Other > SumTotal, and then select Connect.


  3. Enter the server URL address of the data you want to load.


    You'll be prompted with a script error, which loads JS/CSS scripts the login form uses. Select Yes.

  4. When the table is loaded in Navigator, you'll be presented with the list of OData API entities that are currently supported by the connector. You can select to load one or multiple entities.

  5. When you've finished selecting entities, select Load or Transform Data.


If this is the first time you're connecting to this site, select Sign in and input your credentials. Then select Connect.

Known issues and limitations

This section describes any issues or limitations associated with the SumTotal connector.

SumTotal OData API performance and throttling limits

For information about OData API performance and throttling limits for SumTotal connections, go to SumTotal's OData API functionality under the Important Notes section. These limitations apply to both the SumTotal connector (which uses the OData API as an implementation detail) and the 'actual' OData Hosted API when accessing the same endpoints.

Table retrieval rate

As a guideline, most default tables are retrieved at approximately 1000 rows per second using the SumTotal connector. If you require faster retrieval rates, consider using the RowVersionId filter parameter. You can pass this parameter directly to the environment hosted URL by appending it as a query string parameter. Full URL example with rowVersionId parameter: https://{host}