Power Query Online limits

Power Query Online is integrated into a variety of Microsoft products. Since these products target different scenarios, they may set different limits for Power Query Online usage.

Limits are enforced at the beginning of query evaluations. Once an evaluation is underway, only timeout limits are imposed.

Limit types

Hourly Evaluation Count: The maximum number of evaluation requests a user can issue during any 60 minute period

Daily Evaluation Time: The net time a user can spend evaluating queries during any 24 hour period

Concurrent Evaluations: The maximum number of evaluations a user can have running at any given time

Authoring limits

Authoring limits are the same across all products. During authoring, query evaluations return previews that may be subsets of the data. Data is not persisted.

Hourly Evaluation Count: 1000

Daily Evaluation Time: Currently unrestricted

Per Query Timeout: 10 minutes

Refresh limits

During refresh (either scheduled or on-demand), query evaluations return complete results. Data is typically persisted in storage.

Product Integration Hourly Evaluation Count (#) Daily Evaluation Time (Hours) Concurrent Query Evaluations (#)
Microsoft Flow (SQL Connector—Transform Data Using Power Query) 500 2 5
Dataflows in PowerApps.com (Trial) 500 2 8
Dataflows in PowerApps.com (Production) 1000 8 20
Data Integration in PowerApps.com Admin Portal 1000 24 20
Dataflows in PowerBI.com 1000 100 20
Dataflows in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 1000 100 20