Key concepts - Use Power Automate flows in Power Virtual Agents

Extend the capabilities of your bot with cloud flows that you build in Power Automate using low-code, drag-and-drop tools. You can use flows that already exist in your Power Apps environment or create a flow from the Power Virtual Agents authoring canvas. Call bot-ready flows from bot topics as a discrete Call an action node.


To use flows within Power Virtual Agents, they must meet the following requirements:

  • A flow can only be called from a topic located in the same Microsoft Dataverse environment as your bot.

  • Flows must also be in a solution in Power Automate. You can move flows into solutions so they're available in the authoring canvas.

  • Flow values must be returned synchronously to Power Virtual Agents.

  • A cloud flow called from Power Virtual Agents has a 100-second timeout limit to run and return to the chatbot. To be under the 100-second limit, you should optimize the flow logic, queries, and the returned data. If some of the cloud flow logic can continue to run after a result is sent to the chatbot, consider placing these actions after the 'Return value(s) to Power Virtual Agents' step in your cloud flow.

In this section

The examples in this section help you learn to use flows to do more with your bots.

Article Description
Create a flow Create a Power Automate flow that provides a weather forecast.
Call a flow as an action Call a Power Automate flow from a bot topic using an action node.
Add input and output variables Pass variables between a Power Automate flow and a Power Virtual Agents bot.
Return a list of results Return a list of results from a Power Automate flow to a Power Virtual Agents bot.