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When you purchase a Power Virtual Agents license, you gain capacity for the specified number of billed sessions. Power Virtual Agents pools this capacity across the entire tenant.

The consumption of the capacity isn't reported at the tenant level, but can be seen for each individual bot.


Find the number of billed sessions for your bot

  1. In Power Virtual Agents, in the navigation menu, select Analytics.

  2. Go to the Billing tab.

    Billed session view.

You can change the date range to filter the Total billed sessions over time chart. You can also see the total billed sessions and trend percentage next to the chart.

Definition of a billed session

A billed session is an interaction between a customer and a bot, and represents one unit of consumption.

The billed session begins when a user topic or premium functionality (as indicated in the Common scenarios section) is triggered. For more information, see Use system and sample topics section

A session ends for one of the following reasons:

  • The user ends the chat session.
    When the bot doesn't receive a new message for more than 30 minutes, the session is considered closed.

  • The session is longer than 60 minutes.
    The first message that occurs after 60 minutes starts a new session.

  • The session has more than 100 turns. A turn is defined as one exchange between a user and the bot.
    The one-hundred-and-first turn starts a new session.

Common scenarios

The following table helps illustrate which sessions are going to be billed and which sessions are free or included in select Microsoft 365 subscription. These scenarios are examples only and not all scenarios are covered.

Scenario Is session billed? Topic type Channel Power Automate flow Bot Framework extensibility Bot stored in
User logs vacation days (in Dataverse for Teams) in a conversation with the bot in Microsoft Teams. Included with select Microsoft 365 subscriptions Any topic type Teams Yes (only standard connectors) Not used Dataverse for Teams
Bot greets user on a website, customer escalates to human agent directly or doesn't interact with the bot. Free - not a billed session System Any channel Not used Not used Any environment type
Greeting topic redirects to Bot composer or a skill topic for advanced operations. Billed session Any topic type Any channel Either used or not used Yes Any environment type
Greeting topic pulls information about the user using Power Automate flow to present a customized experience. Billed session Any topic type Any channel Yes (any connector) Either used or not used Any environment type
User interacts with the bot on your website to ask about store hours, check order status and so on. Billed session Non-system Any channel Either used or not used Either used or not used Dataverse


Sessions that use the embedded test chat don't count toward the billed sessions. The Billed Session report doesn't distinguish between the sessions included in the Power Virtual Agents for Microsoft Teams plan and those that aren't included. You might see an inflated number of billed sessions in the report.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between total sessions, engaged sessions, and billed sessions?

  • Billed sessions are used to measure usage against the capacity that is allocated when you purchase a license. For more information, see the Microsoft Power Platform Licensing Guide.
  • Total sessions and engaged sessions are metrics of analytics sessions, used to determine how efficient a bot is in addressing a user's questions.
  • Billed sessions and analytics sessions are distinct and independent.

For more information, see Analyze bot performance and usage in Power Virtual Agents.

Where can I see the total number of billed sessions for my organization?

Currently, you can only see billed sessions for a single bot.

If I'm on a trial subscription but have some billed sessions, do I have to pay?

If you see billed sessions, it doesn't mean you'll be charged. For example, the trial offer provides you with some billed sessions.