Use prebuilt chatbot templates in Microsoft Teams


This topic applies to chatbots created in the Power Virtual Agents app in Microsoft Teams only. Templates are not currently supported for the Power Virtual Agents web app.

Bots are great at helping your employees to self-serve human resources (HR), IT, and other internal employee functions by providing automated responses and taking meaningful actions. This increases an employee's efficiency and saves your organization money and time.

Sometimes, however, it's hard to know where to start. You can use templates created by the Power Virtual Agents team to help you create and customize bots to your needs.

Employee frequently asked questions (FAQ) template

The Employee FAQ chatbot template helps you easily create a bot to handle your employee's most common questions by adding content that matches your business's needs.

The template comes with a built-in capability to log an employee's escalation request, notify a human expert, and allow them to quickly respond to the employee - all within Microsoft Teams.

It also obtains employee feedback so you can make improvements to the bot over time.

As it's built with Power Virtual Agents, it can easily be customized and extended to suit your needs with no developer and data science background required.

Whether it's HR, IT or other internal employee functions, the Employee FAQ bot template is a great place to start on your bot-building journey.

Download the bot template from GitHub: