Duration functions

These functions create and manipulate duration values.

Name Description
Duration.Days Returns the days portion of a duration.
Duration.From Returns a duration value from a value.
Duration.FromText Returns a Duration value from a text value.
Duration.Hours Returns the hours portion of a duration.
Duration.Minutes Returns the minutes portion of a duration.
Duration.Seconds Returns the seconds portion of a duration.
Duration.ToRecord Returns a record with parts of a Duration value.
Duration.TotalDays Returns the total magnitude of days from a Duration value.
Duration.TotalHours Returns the total magnitude of hours from a Duration value.
Duration.TotalMinutes Returns the total magnitude of minutes from a Duration value.
Duration.TotalSeconds Returns the total magnitude of seconds from a duration value.
Duration.ToText Returns a text value from a Duration value.
#duration Creates a duration value from days, hours, minutes, and seconds.