Azure PowerShell Support Lifecycle

Az PowerShell modules

The "Az PowerShell modules" consist of the module named "Az" and the dependent modules signed by "Microsoft Corporation". The Az PowerShell modules are identifiable by their names, that start with "Az.". For the current list of Az PowerShell modules, see Azure PowerShell Modules.

The Az PowerShell modules support lifecycle falls under the Azure SDK lifecycle policy. We support the last two minor versions of the current major version and last minor version of the previous major version of the Az PowerShell module.

Supported environments

The following table identifies the supported platforms for the Az, AzureRM, and Azure PowerShell modules.

  • The Supported icon indicates supported version combinations of Azure PowerShell and PowerShell.
  • The Out of Support icon indicates version combinations of Azure PowerShell and PowerShell that are no longer supported.
  • The Not Supported icon indicates unsupported version combinations of Azure PowerShell and PowerShell.
Azure PowerShell PowerShell
<= 7.1
>= 7.2
Windows PowerShell
Supported Az 11.x Not Supported Supported Supported
Supported Az 10.x Not Supported Supported Supported
Out of Support <= Az 9.x Out of Support Out of Support Out of Support
Supported AzureRM 6.13.2 Not Supported Not Supported Out of Supported
Supported Azure 5.3.1 Not Supported Not Supported Supported


PowerShell 6.2 reached its end of life as of September 4, 2020. The Az PowerShell modules are not supported on any version of PowerShell 6.

Information about CVE-2021-26701

The Az PowerShell modules use components affected by security advisory CVE-2021-26701 which has been fixed in PowerShell 7.0.6 and 7.1.3. For more information, see Microsoft Security Advisory CVE-2021-26701: .NET Core Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.

Starting with Az 6.0.0, PowerShell 7.0.6 or 7.1.3 or later is required. When the Az.Accounts module is imported, the following non-blocking message is displayed if an unsupported version of PowerShell is being used: "This version of Az.Accounts is only supported on Windows PowerShell 5.1 and PowerShell 7.0.6 or greater, open to learn how to upgrade. For further information, go to"

AzureRM PowerShell modules


The AzureRM PowerShell module has been officially deprecated as of February 29, 2024. Users are advised to migrate from AzureRM to the Az PowerShell module to ensure continued support and updates.

Although the AzureRM module may still function, it's no longer maintained or supported, placing any continued use at the user's discretion and risk. Please refer to our migration resources for guidance on transitioning to the Az module.

To avoid service interruptions, update your scripts that use AzureRM PowerShell modules to use Az PowerShell modules. To automatically update your scripts, follow the quickstart guide.