DSC for Linux nxSshAuthorizedKeys Resource

The nxAuthorizedKeys resource in PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) provides a mechanism to manage authorized ssh keys for a specified user.


nxAuthorizedKeys <string> #ResourceName
    KeyComment = <string>
    [ Username = <string> ]
    [ Key = <string> ]
    [ DependsOn = <string[]> ]
    [ Ensure = <string> { Absent | Present }  ]


Property Description
KeyComment A unique comment for the key. This is used to uniquely identify keys.
Username The username to manage ssh authorized keys for. If not defined, the default user is root.
Key The contents of the key. This is required if Ensure is set to Present.

Common properties

Property Description
DependsOn Indicates that the configuration of another resource must run before this resource is configured. For example, if the ID of the resource configuration script block that you want to run first is ResourceName and its type is ResourceType, the syntax for using this property is DependsOn = "[ResourceType]ResourceName".
Ensure Specifies whether the key is defined. Set this property to Absent to ensure the key does not exist in the user's authorized keys file. Set it to Present to ensure the key is defined in the user's authorized key file.


The following example defines a public ssh authorized key for the user "monuser".

Import-DSCResource -ModuleName nx

Node $node
    nxSshAuthorizedKeys myKey
        KeyComment = "myKey"
        Ensure = "Present"
        Key = 'ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEA0b+0xSd07QXRifm3FXj7Pn/DblA6QI5VAkDm6OivFzj3U6qGD1VJ6AAxWPCyMl/qhtpRtxZJDu/TxD8AyZNgc8aN2CljN1hOMbBRvH2q5QPf/nCnnJRaGsrxIqZjyZdYo9ZEEzjZUuMDM5HI1LA9B99k/K6PK2Bc1NLivpu7nbtVG2tLOQs+GefsnHuetsRMwo/+c3LtwYm9M0XfkGjYVCLO4CoFuSQpvX6AB3TedUy6NZ0iuxC0kRGg1rIQTwSRcw+McLhslF0drs33fw6tYdzlLBnnzimShMuiDWiT37WqCRovRGYrGCaEFGTG2e0CN8Co8nryXkyWc6NSDNpMzw== rsa-key-20150401'
        UserName = "monuser"