What's new in the Exchange Online PowerShell module

This article lists new features in the Exchange Online PowerShell module that's used for connecting to Exchange Online PowerShell, Security & Compliance PowerShell, and standalone Exchange Online Protection (EOP) PowerShell. Features that are currently in preview are denoted with (preview).

January 2023

December 2022

September 2022

  • Version 3.0.0 has been released, and is now known as the Exchange Online PowerShell V3 module (abbreviated as the EXO V3 module):

    • Version 3.0.0 is the Generally Availability (GA) release of the 2.0.6-PreviewX versions of the module.
    • All Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets are now backed by the REST API. Basic authentication in WinRM is not required in Exchange Online PowerShell for REST API cmdlets.
    • Certificate based authentication (also known as CBA or app-only authentication) is available for Security & Compliance PowerShell.

    For more information, see Updates for the EXO V3 module).