Creating Jobs

In Microsoft HPC Pack, a cluster job is a request for resources on a cluster, and a payload of tasks to run on those resources.

You create a new job by specifying the Job properties, including the priority of the job, any limits on how long the job may run, and a description of the candidate resources for the job. All of these properties are optional: the job template for your job provides default values for any job property that you do not specify. For more information, see Job Templates.


Cluster administrators can specify permissions regarding which users can use a particular job template. For information about the job templates that you have access to and should use, contact your cluster administrator.

A cluster job can be as simple as a single task, or it can include many tasks. You can define the order in which tasks run by defining dependencies between tasks. For more information, see Define Task Dependencies. For more information about the types of tasks that you can add to a job, see Understanding Task Types - Job Manager.

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Additional considerations

  • You can also use a command prompt window or HPC PowerShell to submit, manage, and view jobs on a cluster.

  • After you define a job or a task, you can export the job or task specifications to an XML file. This allows you to preserve a job or task as a pattern for future submissions. When you create a new job from an XML description file, or add a task to a job from an XML task file, you can modify any of the job or task properties before submission. For more information, see Save a Job or Task to a File.