Release Notes for HPC Pack 2019

These release notes address late-breaking issues and information for the high-performance computing (HPC) cluster administrator about Microsoft HPC Pack 2019.

Download and install Microsoft HPC Pack 2019

Microsoft HPC Pack 2019 is available for download (Install, Client) from the Microsoft Download Center. After the download, please save the installation files to your local machine (or machines) that will be set up as a cluster head node.

Modern Lifecycle

Microsoft HPC Pack 2019 has changed the product lifecycle policy from the traditional Fixed Lifecycle Policy to the Modern Lifecycle Policy. Please check HPC Pack 2019 Service Policy for more details.

Known issues

  • Cluster monitoring charts may show zero job counters when the primary HpcScheduler service and HpcMonitoringServer service are running on different head nodes. This can happen when:

    • The HPC Pack cluster is using built-in high availability and service affinity is not enabled
    • The HPC Pack cluster is using Service Fabric cluster to achieve high availability.
  • Upgrade or migration from HPC Pack 2016 is not supported due to fundamental changes.