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Disables the MSIPC v3 platform for Rights Management.


Disable-AadrmIPCv3Service []



This cmdlet from the AADRM module is now deprecated. After July 15, 2020, this cmdlet name will be supported only as an alias to its replacement in the AIPService module.

For more information, see the overview page.

The Disable-AadrmIPCv3Service cmdlets disables the MSIPC v3 platform on mobile devices such as iOS and Android. This platform must be enabled to support Rights Management.

You must use PowerShell to do this configuration; you cannot do this configuration by using a management portal.


Example1: Disable the MSIPC v3 platform for iOS and Android devices

PS C:\>Disable-AadrmIPCv3Service

This command disables the MSIPC v3 platform so that iOS and Android mobile devices cannot use Rights Management.