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Gets the Rights Management configuration of your tenant.


Get-AadrmConfiguration []



This cmdlet from the AADRM module is now deprecated. After July 15, 2020, this cmdlet name will be supported only as an alias to its replacement in the AIPService module.

For more information, see the overview page.

The Get-AadrmConfiguration cmdlet gets the current Rights Management configuration of your tenant.

You must use PowerShell to see a full list of configuration values for your tenant; you cannot get this configuration by using a management portal.


Example 1: Display Rights Management configuration

PS C:\>Get-AadrmConfiguration
BPOSId                                    : 9c11c87a-ac8b-46a3-8d5c-f4d0b72ee29a

RightsManagementServiceId                 : 5c6bb73b-1038-4eec-863d-49bded473437

LicensingIntranetDistributionPointUrl     :

LicensingExtranetDistributionPointUrl     :

CertificationIntranetDistributionPointUrl :


AdminConnectionUrl                        :

AdminV2ConnectionUrl                      :

OnPremiseDomainName                       :

Keys                                      : {c46b5d49-1c4c-4a79-83d1-ec12a25f3134}

CurrentLicensorCertificateGuid            : c46b5d49-1c4c-4a79-83d1-ec12a25f3134

Templates                                 : { c46b5d49-1c4c-4a79-83d1-ec12a25f3134,


FunctionalState                           : Enabled

SuperUsersEnabled                         : Disabled

SuperUsers                                : {,}

AdminRoleMembers                          : {Global Administrator -> 5834f4d6-35d2-455b-a134-75d4cdc82172,

                                            ConnectorAdministrator -> 5834f4d6-35d2-455b-a134-75d4cdc82172}

KeyRolloverCount                          : 0

ProvisioningDate                          : 1/30/2014 9:01:31 PM

IPCv3ServiceFunctionalState               : Enabled

DevicePlatformState                       : {Windows -> True, WindowsStore -> True, WindowsPhone -> True, Mac ->

FciEnabledForConnectorAuthorization       : True

DocumentTrackingFeatureState              : Enabled

This command displays the current Rights Management configuration for your organization.