Relevant for: AIP unified labeling client only

Gets configuration settings for the Network Discovery service.


Get-MIPNetworkDiscoveryConfiguration []


The Get-MIPNetworkDiscoveryConfiguration cmdlet gets configuration settings for the Network Discovery service.

The Network Discovery service manages network scan jobs, and enable Azure Information Protection administrators to scan specific IP addresses or ranges for risky repositories. Administrators may want to add these repositories to content scan jobs to scan their content further.

The Get-MIPNetworkDiscoveryConfiguration cmdlet displays only the settings and values that you can configure with Set-MIPNetworkDiscoveryConfiguration cmdlet. This includes only whether the Network Discovery service settings are taken from the online configuration currently in the Azure portal, or from a file that was exported from the Azure portal.


Run Import-MIPNetworkDiscoveryConfiguration to configure the scanner to get Network Discovery service settings from an offline file. When you run Get-MIPNetworkDiscoveryConfiguration after importing settings from a file, the OnlineConfiguration is displayed as Off.


The Azure Information Protection (AIP) network discovery feature uses AIP analytics (public preview). As of March 18, 2022, we are sunsetting network discovery together with the AIP analytics and audit logs public preview. Moving forward, we'll be using the Microsoft 365 auditing solution. Full retirement for network discovery, AIP analytics, and audit logs is scheduled for September 30, 2022.

For more information, see Removed and retired services.


Example 1

PS C:\> Get-MIPNetworkDiscoveryConfiguration

OnlineConfiguration      : On

This command gets the current PowerShell configuration settings for the Network Discovery service. In this example, the output shows that the scanner is using the default configuration of using the online configuration from the Azure portal.