Gets a DPM protection group in an editable mode.


   [-ProtectionGroup] <ProtectionGroup>


The Get-DPMModifiableProtectionGroup cmdlet gets a System Center 2019 - Data Protection Manager (DPM) protection group in an editable mode.

Once you have made the changes to the protection group, save the changes by using the Set-DPMProtectionGroup cmdlet.

Follow this sequence of steps when you work with a modifiable protection group:

  • Run the Get-DPMProtectionGroup cmdlet to get the unmodifiable protection group.
  • Run the Get-DPMModifiableProtectionGroup cmdlet to get the protection group from the previous step in modifiable form.
  • Perform actions on the protection group.
  • Run the Set-DPMProtectionGroup cmdlet to save the changed protection group.


Example 1: Get a protection group in a modifiable state

PS C:\> $PGroup = Get-DPMProtectionGroup -DPMServerName "DPMServer07"
PS C:\> Get-DPMModifiableProtectionGroup -ProtectionGroup $PGroup

The first command gets the protection group from the DPM server named TestingServer, and then stores that group in the variable named $PGroup.

The second command gets the protection group from $PGroup in a modifiable.



Specifies a protection group that this cmdlet gets. To obtain a ProtectionGroup object, use the Get-DPMProtectionGroup cmdlet.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False


ProtectionGroup (Editable)