Disables the IIS central certificate store.


Disable-IISCentralCertProvider []


The Disable-IISCentralCertProvider cmdlet disables the IIS central certificate store. The central certificate store allows you to store all your IIS certificates in a centralized location (such as a file share); IIS servers then retrieve certificate from this centralized location. That means that you only have to install certificates in one location; there is no need to install the same certificate on each and every IIS server. If you disable the central certificate store then you will need to install certificates on all of your servers.

If the certificate store has been disabled you can re-enable it at any time by running the Enable-IISCentralCertProvider cmdlet.


Example 1

PS C:\> Disable-IISCentralCertProvider

This command disables the central certificate store. Note that no parameters are required when calling Disable-IISCentralCertProvider. Note, too that you will not be asked to confirm whether you want to disable the central store. Instead, the store will automatically be disabled when you run this command.