Gets company-level information.


   [-TenantId <Guid>]


The Get-MsolCompanyInformation cmdlet gets company-level information.


Example 1: Get company-level information

PS C:\> Get-MsolCompanyInformation

This command gets company-level information.



Specifies the unique ID of the tenant on which to perform the operation. The default value is the tenant of the current user. This parameter applies only to partner users.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False



This cmdlet returns the following company level information:

  • AuthorizedServiceInstances. A list of the services for this company.

  • City. The company's city.

  • CompanyType. What type of company this is (can be partner or regular tenant).

  • Country. The company's country or region.

  • CountryLetterCode. The two letter code for the company's country or region.

  • DapEnabled. For partners, whether or not this partner had delegated administrator privileges.

  • DirectorySynchronizationEnabled. When true, this company has directory synchronization turned on.

  • DirSyncServiceAccount. The UserPrincipalName of the Global Administrator that is configured for directory synchronization.

  • DisplayName. The display name of this company.

  • InitialDomain. The initial domain of this company (

  • LastDirSyncTime. The last time that directory synchronization was run for this company.

  • LastPasswordSyncTime. The last time that password sync request was received for the company.

  • PasswordSynchronizationEnabled. When true, this company has password synchronization turned on.

  • MarketingNotificationEmails. The email address to send marketing notifications to.

  • ObjectId. The unique ID for the company.

  • PostalCode. The company's postal location.

  • PreferredLanguage. The default language for the company.

  • State. The company's state.

  • Street. The company's street address.

  • TechnicalNotificationEmails. The email address to send important notifications to. This includes any directory synchronization notifications.

  • TelephoneNumber. The telephone number for the company.

  • UsersPermissionToCreateGroupsEnabled. The setting to allow users permission to create groups.

  • UsersPermissionToCreateLOBAppsEnabled. The setting to allow users to create LOB applications.

  • UsersPermissionToReadOtherUsersEnabled. The setting to allow users to read other users.

  • UsersPermissionToUserConsentToAppEnabled. The setting to allow users to user consent to applications.