This cmdlet supports retrieving the available Shifts Connectors.


Get-CsTeamsShiftsConnectionConnector []


This cmdlet shows the available list of Shifts Connectors that can be used to synchronize a third-party workforce management system with Teams and the types of data that can be synchronized.


Example 1

PS C:\> Get-CsTeamsShiftsConnectionConnector | Format-List

Id                                       : 6A51B888-FF44-4FEA-82E1-839401E9CD74
Name                                     : Contoso V1
SupportedSyncScenarioOfferShiftRequest   : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts, TwoWay}
SupportedSyncScenarioOpenShift           : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts}
SupportedSyncScenarioOpenShiftRequest    : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts, TwoWay}
SupportedSyncScenarioShift               : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts}
SupportedSyncScenarioSwapRequest         : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts, TwoWay}
SupportedSyncScenarioTimeCard            : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts, TwoWay}
SupportedSyncScenarioTimeOff             : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts}
SupportedSyncScenarioTimeOffRequest      : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts, TwoWay}
SupportedSyncScenarioUserShiftPreference : {Disabled, FromWfmToShifts, TwoWay}
Version                                  : 2020.3 - 2021.1

Get the list of Shifts Connectors available on the tenant.