How to add notes to a cmdlet help topic


Manual authoring of XML-based help is very difficult. The PlatyPS module allows you to write help in Markdown and then convert it to XML-based help. This makes it much easier to write and maintain help. PlatyPS can also create the Updateable Help packages for you. For more information, see Create XML-based help using PlatyPS.

This section describes how to add a NOTES section to a PowerShell cmdlet Help topic. The NOTES section is used to explain details that don't fit easily into the other structured sections, such as a more detailed explanation of a parameter. This content could include comments on how the cmdlet works with a specific provider, some unique, yet important, uses of the cmdlet, or ways to avoid possible error conditions.

The NOTES section is defined using a single <maml:alertset> node. There are no limits to the number of notes that you can add to a Notes section. For each note, add a pair of <maml:alert> tags to the <maml:alertset> node. The content of each note is added within a set of <maml:para> tags. Use blank <maml:para> tags for spacing.

  <maml:title>Optional title for Note</maml:title>
    <maml:para>Note 1</maml:para>
    <maml:para>Note a</maml:para>
    <maml:para>Note 2</maml:para>