Windows PowerShell Concepts

This section contains conceptual information that will help you understand PowerShell from a developer's viewpoint.

Topic Name Description
about_Objects Description of PowerShell objects. For more information, see About Object Creation
Creating Runspaces The operating environments where commands are processed. For more information, see Runspace Class.
Extending Output Objects How to extend PowerShell objects. For more information, see About Types.ps1xml
Registering Cmdlets How to make modules and snap-ins available in PowerShell. For more information, see Modules and Snap-ins.
Requesting Confirmation from Cmdlets How cmdlets and providers request feedback from the user before an action is taken.
RuntimeDefinedParameter Class Runtime parameter declarations.
System.Management.Automation Namespace Overview of PowerShell API namespaces.
Windows PowerShell Provider Overview Overview about PowerShell providers that are used to access data stores.
Writing Help for PowerShell Cmdlets How to write PowerShell cmdlet Help.

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