PnP PowerShell overview

PnP PowerShell is a .NET Core 3.1 / .NET Framework 4.6.1 based PowerShell Module providing over 600 cmdlets that work with Microsoft 365 environments such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Project, Security & Compliance, Microsoft Entra ID, and more.

For more information about installing or upgrading to this module, refer to these PnP PowerShell articles.

Supportability and SLA for PnP PowerShell cmdlets

This library is an open-source and community-provided library with an active community providing support for it. It is not a Microsoft-provided module so there's no SLA or direct support for this open-source component from Microsoft. You can, however, report any issues using the issues list in GitHub.

PnP PowerShell is initiative part of the larger community and open-source work under the Microsoft 365 platform community (PnP) initiative.

Applies to: SharePoint Online

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