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SetPhishingFilterStatus Event

Deprecated. Fires to indicate the progress and status of Microsoft Phishing Filter analysis of the current webpage.


  Private Sub object_SetPhishingFilterStatus( _
  ByVal PhishingFilterStatus As Long)


  • object
    Object expression that resolves to the objects in the Applies To list.
  • PhishingFilterStatus
    A long integer that specifies a valid combination of the following values.

    • 0
      Phishing Filter has not yet been called for the current instance of MSHTML.
    • 1
      Phishing Filter is analyzing the current page.
    • 2
      Phishing Filter has finished analysis of this page, and it is safe.
    • 3
      The page was not found in any database, but Phishing Filter considers it safe.
    • 4
      Analysis indicates that the page appears to be unsafe.
    • 5
      The page is a reported phishing site.
    • 6
      The page is not an MSHTML document.
    • &H0100
      Phishing Filter cannot validate the page against the database of reported phishing sites.
    • &H0200
      The result of the analysis was provided by the online reporting service.
    • &H0400
      The analysis is the result of a manual check.


Note    The SetPhishingFilterStatus event can be consumed by Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) within Windows Internet Explorer, but it is not available to applications that host the WebBrowser control. The event might be altered or unavailable in subsequent versions of Internet Explorer.

Flags of value equal or greater than 0x0100 can be combined with only one flag of a lower value. For example, if the database cannot be contacted, the result is typically 0x102. If Phishing Filter is disabled for the current security zone, 0x203 is returned.

Results are for the top-level browser frame only. Some pages may potentially be evaluated more than once.

If automatic checking is turned off, the event still fires for each navigation but does not connect with the online service. If the site is contained in the local "allow list" of top-traffic sites, the value is 0x2. Otherwise the value is 0x3.

SetPhishingFilterStatus was introduced in Internet Explorer 7.

Applies To

WebBrowser, InternetExplorer