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NavigateComplete2 Event

Fires after a navigation to a link is completed on a window element or a frameSet element.


  Private Sub object_NavigateComplete2( _
  ByVal pDisp As Object, _
  ByVal URL As Variant)


  • object
    Object expression that resolves to the objects in the Applies To list.
  • pDisp
    Object that evaluates to the top-level or frame WebBrowser object corresponding to the event.
  • URL
    String expression that evaluates to the URL, UNC file name, or PIDL that was navigated to. Note that this URL can be different from the URL that the browser was told to navigate to. One reason is that this URL is the canonicalized and qualified URL; for example, if an application specified a URL of "" in a call to the Navigate or Navigate2 method, the URL passed by Navigate2 will be "". Also, if the server has redirected the browser to a different URL, the redirected URL will be reflected here.

Error Codes

No return value.


This event replaces the NavigateComplete and FrameNavigateComplete events, which should no longer be used. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and Internet Explorer 5 continue to fire the NavigateComplete and FrameNavigateComplete events for compatibility with Internet Explorer 3.0.

The document might still be downloading (and in the case of HTML, images might still be downloading), but at least part of the document has been received from the server, and the viewer for the document has been created.

Applies To

InternetExplorer, WebBrowser

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