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WScript Object

Provides access to root object for the Windows Script Host object model.


RootObjectWScript graphic

The WScript object is the root object of the Windows Script Host object model hierarchy. It never needs to be instantiated before invoking its properties and methods, and it is always available from any script file. The WScript object provides access to information such as:

  • command-line arguments,

  • the name of the script file,

  • the host file name,

  • and host version information.

The WScript object allows you to:

  • create objects,

  • connect to objects,

  • disconnect from objects,

  • sync events,

  • stop a script's execution programmatically,

  • output information to the default output device (either a Windows dialog box or the command console).

The WScript object can be used to set the mode in which the script runs (either interactive or batch).


Since the WScript object is the root object for the Windows Script Host object model, many properties and methods apply to the object. For examples of specific syntax, visit the properties and methods links.


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