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PrivacyImpactedStateChange Event

Fired when an event occurs that impacts privacy, or when a user navigates away from a URL that has impacted privacy.


  Private Sub object_PrivacyImpactedStateChange( _
  ByVal bPrivacyImpacted As Boolean)


  • object
    Object expression that resolves to the objects in the Applies To list.
  • bPrivacyImpacted
    A Boolean that indicates whether the current top-level URL has violated the browser's privacy settings.

    • True
      Privacy has been impacted.
    • False
      A user-initiated navigation from a URL with privacy violations has occurred.


PrivacyImpactedStateChange was introduced in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

The firing of this event corresponds to a change in the privacy state from impacted to unimpacted, and vice-versa. A change in the privacy state coincides with displaying or clearing the privacy-impacted icon from the status bar. Although a URL's privacy policy might not agree with the browser's privacy settings, privacy is considered impacted only if cookie operations that violate the privacy settings are attempted. This event fires only the first time a violating cookie action is attempted for a URL.

This event also fires when there is a user-initiated navigation away from a URL that has privacy violations. If the new URL has no record of privacy violations, the icon is no longer displayed, and the privacy state remains unimpacted. However, when navigating from a URL with privacy violations to revisit a URL that has a history of privacy violations (for example, the page is retrieved from the cache), this event fires two times: one time to signal that it is navigating away from the first violating URL, and a second time to signal that it is navigating to a URL which has impacted privacy.

User-initiated navigations include the following.

  • Typing a URL in the address bar.
  • Navigating using the Go To option from the View menu.
  • Choosing a URL from the Favorites List .
  • Clicking on a hyperlink that does not contain a script href.
  • Peforming a manual top-level refresh.
  • Performing a top-level navigating using the Back and Forward buttons.

Privacy is considered impacted when any of the following occur.

  • A cookie is suppressed when sending an HTTP request.
  • A cookie is blocked from being written.
  • A cached file is retrieved that has a history of privacy violations.

Applies To

WebBrowser, InternetExplorer