How to View and Close an Alert in Operations Manager 2007

Use the following procedure to view and close alerts that have been generated.

To view an alert

  1. Log on to the computer with an account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators role for the Operations ManagerĀ 2007 Management Group.

  2. In the Operations Console, click the Monitoring button.


    When you run the Operations Console on a computer that is not a Management Server, the Connect To Server dialog box displays. In the Server name text box, type the name of the Operations ManagerĀ 2007 Management Server that you want the Operations Console to connect to.

  3. In the Monitoring pane, expand Monitoring, and then click Active Alerts.

  4. In the Active Alerts pane, click an alert.

    More information about the alert appears in the Alert Details pane.

To close an alert

  • In the Active Alerts pane, right-click the alert, and then click Close Alert.


    Multiple alerts can be selected by pressing and holding down the CTRL key when clicking alerts.

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