Credential Types in Operations Manager 2007

You use credentials in Operations Manager 2007 with Run As Accounts. Operations Manager 2007 supports seven types of credentials for Run As Accounts:

  • Windows Authentication. Authentication using Windows domain or local accounts. This is the only account type that you can specify a module to run under.
  • Community string. Used for interacting with SNMP devices. Operations Manager 2007 uses SNMP 2.0, which sends the community string in plaintext format, so this credential is secured only down to the agent level. Any task, rule or monitor will expose it on the network in clear text.
  • Basic. A user name and password intended to be used with HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • Simple. Any credential which consists of a user name and password.
  • Digest. A user name and password intended to be used with HTTP Digest Authentication.
  • Binary. Used with Management Packs to store and retrieve security data for monitoring purposes, such as might be used with synthetic transactions.
  • Action account. Credentials for use with agent action accounts in Operations Manager 2007.

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