Published: February 25, 2008


The Solution Accelerators–Management and Infrastructure (SA-MI) team acknowledges and thanks the people who produced the Infrastructure Planning and Design guide for Active Directory Domain Services 2008. The following people were either directly responsible for or made a substantial contribution to the writing, development, and testing of this guide.


  • Charles Denny – Microsoft
  • Michael Kaczmarek – Microsoft
  • Robin Maher – Microsoft
  • Derek Melber – Studio B
  • Lee Oommen – Microsoft
  • Fergus Stewart – Microsoft


  • Robert DeLuca – Microsoft
  • Dave Field – Studio B
  • Lex Liao – Microsoft
  • Greg Myers – Studio B


  • Laurie Dunham – Microsoft
  • Janet Majure – Studio B
  • Lisa Pere – Studio B
  • Ruth Preston – Volt Technical Services
  • Patricia Rytkonen – Volt Technical Services

This accelerator is part of a larger series of tools and guidance from Solution Accelerators.


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