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How to Add Definitions for Standalone System Sweeper to the MSDaRT 6.5 Boot CD

Applies To: Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset 6.5

Definitions are a repository of known malware and other potentially unwanted software. Because malware is being continually developed, Standalone System Sweeper relies on current definitions to determine if software that is trying to install, run, or change settings on a computer is potentially unwanted or malicious software.

To include the latest definitions in the ERD Commander Boot CD (recommended), click Yes, download the latest definitions. The definition update will start automatically. You must be connected to the Internet to complete this process.

To skip the definition update, click No, manually download definitions later . No definitions will be included in the ERD Commander Boot CD.

If you choose not to include the latest definitions on the ERD Commander Boot CD, or if the definitions burned on the ERD Commander Boot CD are no longer current by the time you are ready to use Standalone System Sweeper, obtain the latest definitions before you begin to scan by following the instructions. You will not be able to scan if there are no definitions.

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